Salinity قياس الملوحة

20/12/2011 06:26

Global Experiment for the International Year of Chemistry

Salty Waters

 In this activity, Grade 7C students in Shajara School measured the salinity of a sample of salt water. While carrying out the analysis they learned about the nature of solutions, including the composition of sea water. The results of their analysis are reported to the Global Experiment Database to contribute to a global survey of salinity.


During the preparation and discussion of the experiment, students measure the salinity of sea water in science lab. Then they asked to do that as home activity.


 The following information is submitted to the database:


Date sampled:           17 /11/2011


Nature of the water:        Sea Water             (sea, estuary, bore, lake etc.)


Salinity of the water:     45      (g/kg)        4.5   (% by weight)


Location sampled    Saida Beach / Lebanon     (describe the location)


Number of students involved        26