Solar Still Challenge تحلية مياه البحر

20/12/2011 06:40

Global Experiment for the International Year of Chemistry

Solar Still Challenge

In this activity, Grade 7B students made a solar still and measure its efficiency. They developed their understanding of water in liquid and gaseous states and how distillation can be used to purify water. They challenged to design and made a more efficient still.  The results of their work and the efficiency data are  reported to the Global Experiment Database.

During the preparation and discussion of the experiment, Grade 7B students in Shajara School  build a solar still in science lab and find out how it can purify water. Also Grade 7B students are challenged to use their knowledge to build a more efficient solar still. They asked to do that as home activity.


Part I:                    Preparation and discussion of experiment



Part II:                  Students' Activities