Water Treatment معالجة المياه

20/12/2011 00:52


Global Experiment for the International Year of Chemistry

Water: No Dirt, No Germs


In this activity, Grade 7A students raised their awareness of the critical use of chemistry to provide one of the most basic human needs, clean drinking water. Starting with local natural surface waters, Grade 7A students in Shajara School replicate the main steps of drinking water treatment and observe disinfection done by their teacher.

During the preparation and discussion of the experiment, Grade 7A students in Shajara School  are learned to treat water from a natural local source in science lab. They also carried out water treatment: Aeration, Coagulation, Sedimentation and Filtration as home activity. The last step-Disinfection- is done by teacher for safety measures.


Part I:              Preparation and Discussion of Experiment



Part II:            Students' Activities




Part III:              Disinfection / Adding Chlorine

For safety measures, students observed disinfection done by teacher



The following information is submitted to the database:              

Date sampled:           2/12/2011

Local water source:   Al-Qasmiye River  

Drops of bleach required to 500 ml water:     39       
Nature of water:         Fresh       (fresh, salt, estuarine, marine, etc.)
Temperature:         12  oC       (temperature when water collected)
File names for water sample photos       Purification_shajara
Class name and number of students   Grade 7A – 26 students